Max Polyakov to Launch Advanced Spectral Imager Satellites in 2022

A joint venture between Dragonfly Aerospace and Max Polyakov with his company EOS Data Analytics has announced an ambitious satellite launch for 2022. The advanced multispectral imagers they will put into orbit are set to have a range of fascinating applications.

Max Polyakov to Launch Advanced Spectral Imager Satellites in 2022

The California-based company EOS Data Analytics has announced the completion of a partnership with South Africa’s Dragonfly Aerospace to launch and operate a new generation of high-definition multispectral imagers to orbit Earth. Scheduled for the beginning of 2022, the launch will see a satellite carry a dual payload of two HR-250 multispectral imaging units designed and produced by Dragonfly Aerospace. Operating in a Low Earth Orbit, the two imagers will provide advanced imaging data across seven spectral bands in conjunction with resolutions of up to 1m. The image data itself will then be processed by custom-built smart algorithms designed by EOS Data Analytics to extract the most relevant data from the feeds. It’s an exciting joint operation for two companies at the top of their game, and the benefits it could provide to a variety of industries may be significant.

The Key Facts of Multispectral Imagers

The real benefit of multispectral imagers is that they can record huge amounts of visual geographical data whilst also allowing the opportunity for detailed examination of individual environments. From their Low Earth Orbit they will be able to monitor land sizes both large and small, and register data that can show minute changes in climate and environment. Thanks to the multispectral image banding, information like moisture levels and soil quality can also be discerned from their sensors. Once effectively processed, this information can then be passed onto growers and landowners who can utilize the relevant data to respond to changes in their crops. This can not only improve crop yields and show where agricultural processes are having a positive effect; it can also give farmers time to respond to arising issues with agility and solve problems before they have had time to escalate.

Multispectral Imagers and Their Potential For Furthering Environmental Conservation

The appeal of this technology is obvious to large-scale industrial agriculture. However, a more significant contribution could be made towards worldwide conservation efforts designed to protect the natural environment. According to EOS Data Analytics founder and technologist Max Polyakov, the multispectral imaging feeds could be used to safeguard endangered habitats and alert authorities to the negative impact of human activity: “With this technology, it’s also possible to prevent human deaths, such as modeling how forest fires spread. We can also utilize satellite imaging to provide a detailed reference of the Earth’s surface and forecast ‘nature’-trends… The tandem of multispectral imagers on our own satellite will ensure prompt monitoring of changes in the environment and help to save resources of the planet for upcoming generations».

Conclusion: EOS Data Analytics Can Help Protect the Environment

Once the Dragonfly HR-250 units have harvested the visual data, it falls to the EOS Crop Monitoring software to decipher the masses of visual data and convert it into visual modeling for users to absorb. The software can adapt to automatically flag up geographical anomalies and dangerous indicators that conditions threatening crop growth may be emerging. It is the very same technology that can help identify threats to the environment, and so help communities protect their environment whilst minimizing the use of natural resources. It is certainly a bold venture, but one that will be of great value when trying to some of the problems of our age.

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