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Max Polyakov’s EOSDA To Launch 7 Satellites Focused On Agricultural Imaging

Dr. Max Polyakov plans to benefit the agriculture industry with seven EOS SAT launches by 2024, focused on farmlands geo imagery and data analysis.

Dr. Polyakov’s EOSDA To Launch 7 Satellites Focused On Agricultural Imaging

EOS data analytics aims to change the agricultural scenario using geospatial imagery. Using satellites to help analyze the environment for healthy crops and agro products is not new. Instead, many organizations in space and technology target the agricultural industry with satellite launches. Joining the bandwagon recently is the EOSDA acronym for the EOS Data Analytics. The Noosphere Venture Partners LP’s space portfolio company has revealed its plans for launching seven satellites named EOS SAT into the LEO. LEO is short for the low Earth orbit that the scientists use to get earth images for various purposes. While geo imagery is most commonly used for mapping navigation, its development finds usage in many other fields for forecasting climatic changes. One of the key industries to get impacted beneficially from the potential of satellite imaging in agriculture. Reason why the Earth Observing System is planning to tap the field’s potential with their next seven satellite aimed mainly for the purpose by 2024.

The Revolutionary Problem Solver For The Farmers

The company’s objective is to create a whole vertical of data products beyond just taking the images. They plan to deliver everything from raw images to processed images for comparative analysis, data study, and easy forecast. The company states that the very focus of the satellites would be on the farmlands. While several competing companies have already tried to produce data for agricultural producers, satellites singularly aimed at farmlands are new, believes EOS. Besides being one of its kind, the concentrated monitoring on agricultural land is expected to deliver accessibility of a much larger data in detail and with accuracy. The company founded by Dr. Max Polyakov believes in solving the harmful effects on agriculture due to land degradation, climatic changes, environmental threats, etc. The data will help the farm producers anticipate problems before time, allowing them to take precautionary steps and develop solutions for various issues keeping their costs controlled. Farmers using the wholesome data production vertical from EOS SAT would benefit from planning right and preparation.

The Future Of Agriculture

Dr. Polyakov, the managing director of Noosphere Venture Partners that helps potential innovators become world leaders, says the drastically changing climate poses a disadvantage to the agricultural yield. To increase the production for the growing population, he believes the requirement is sustainable practice in the field. He adds that to reach the goal, farmers need technology for data analysis and calculation. The optical satellites with a resolution of 2.8 m multispectral and 1.4 m panchromatic Ground Sample Distance would serve as the problem solver to them. The EOSDA, besides the seven satellites, is working on a constellation of six SAR, acronym for Synthetic Aperture Radar satellites.


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